Liu Shi Kun Piano Art Center is a large-scale training institution chain focusing on musical instruments. The center was initially founded by the renowned pianist and music educator Mr.Liu Shikun, with over 60 branches in China so far. Mrs.Deng Lixia, a co-founder originally from the Music School of Hainan University and a student of Mr.Liu, jointly established Hainan Liu Shi Kun Piano Art Center with Mr.Liu, making it a big music training and art school since the day of June 1st 1997. The school has committed itself to be a professional, canonical and international training center, with all the teachers graduating from authoritative music conservatories and having professional background, who were selected and trained by Mr.Liu and Mrs.Deng in person with strict criteria. Courses are completely based on the professional and international teaching methods carried out by formal colleagues and universities.
  • schoole

  • Liu shikun

  • Young piano player:Qi Li

  • Foreign Expert:Claudio Canfera

  • Li Peidong

  • Deng Lixia

  • Shen Naifan

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